Regardless of which part of the country you live in, during the winter months the atmospheric moisture (or lack there of) does a number on our hair.  However, with a few small tricks and the right products, any situation can be wrangled under control.  

The obvious problem for us effected by El Nino, is the blast of humid air, and non-stop rain that this winter had brought.  When the rain is in full force your only solution is to duck for cover.  But those muggy, over-case days are no reason that your hair should be frizzy and all over the place.  Our fav product to use is Oribe Imperméable, an anti-humidity spray that shields your hair and protects you style.  

In those higher altitudes, the winter brings on that dry air that sucks the moisture from your skin and hair.   During these months I always use a deep conditioning treatment (like  Oribe Intense
Conditioner  for Moisture and Control) and I always finish with an oil.  I keep R+Co Tinsel in  my purse at all times, as it is nice and light and i can reapply through out the day if need.  

All of these fine products are available at Dedication Salon.